Sharon, Committed to Affordable Change

After a successful career as a Human Resources Professional, Sharon decided to give her time to helping other workers achieve success. Through her experiences Sharon has been hired, laid off, navigated unemployment and relocated many times for jobs. She has experienced great Bosses, not so great Bosses, developed strong relationships and dealt with  jerks at work. She has recruited the best, fired many and laid off employees. She knows how work works and wants you to know too so that you can weave your way to success in a crowded unpredictable job market. 

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

The Worker Help Desk Team

In the Beginning

In 2016, me and a group of my laid off friends with limited funds launched Worker Help Desk (WHD) as a new fresh alternative for job seekers and workers to get the “other” affordable professional services needed to navigate today’s complex work environment. 

We understood first hand the issues and frustrations workers experience when searching for a job, navigating the workday or when attempting to take their careers to the next level. None of us could afford expensive career coaching and some of us felt Career Coaches were to expensive and could not solve all the day-day issues workers and job hunter face. 

Soon enough, we realized we were helping each other solve our work related problems. That’s when we decided to share our experience with every worker and launch Worker Help Desk. 

Today, at Worker Help Desk, you can get the the help you need to tackle the “traditional and “other” work related situations. Our expert team of Professionals have decades of experience, keep their finger on todays changing job market movement. We’re ready to help you grow your career to the next level.