New Job Survival Guide

Start reading now! Be ready for your first Monday.

It's been said...starting a new job is stressful. I am letting you know it doesn't have to be.


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Sharon...Committed to Helping Workers

After a successful career as a Human Resources Professional, I decided to spend my time helping workers achieve success. My job journey included being hired, laid off, navigated unemployment and relocating many times for jobs. I have experienced great Bosses, not so great Bosses, developed strong relationships and dealt with  jerks at work. I have recruited the best, fired many and laid off employees. I know how work works and want you to know too so that you can weave your way to success in a crowded unpredictable work environment. 


In my books, on my social networks and over at Worker Help Desk, I offer affordable worker and job seeker services to advance careers.

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