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I offer workers “need to know” information about navigating in a crowded unpredictable work environment. Writing is such an important part of my day. If I miss a day, I feel like I am not giving the information I promised.

As a human resources professional, I’ve met so many workers that have told me stories about their experiences in the workplace. They are worried they don’t know enough about how to job hunt, handle a job dismissal, deal with a rude Boss, handle the jerks at work, write a resume that gets seen, interview and get the job, apply for unemployment, and more. They wonder what they should do when they have worker problems or don’t know how to handle situations at work.In my books, on my blog, on my social networks and over at Worker Help Desk, I offer affordable worker and job seekers career services to advance their careers.

My goal is to help every worker understand the nuances of getting a job, getting through real issues at work and building a successful career.

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